I am what might best be described as a libertarian, i.e. a believer in personal liberty and responsibility; it also means that I support minimal government and free market economics.

On this page I have assembled some links to essential resources on the internet – if you would be interested in finding out what these terms actually mean then these would be a great place to start your journey…

Mises Institute
Adam Smith Institute
Freedomain Radio (YouTube channel)

The following are a selection of libertarian-leaning blogs:

Orphans of Liberty
Tim Worstall
Dick Puddlecote
Devil’s Kitchen
Underdogs Bite Upwards
The UK Libertarian

For a rather more interesting tutorial on Keynesian vs. Hayakian economics, have a look at these two rap videos here and here.

Finally, here are a couple of  quite interesting comment sites:

The Commentator


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