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Until death (or the expiry of the budget) do us part

Posted on my employer’s blog: Until death (or the expiry of the budget) do us part

The next time that you pull together a proposal for a Med Comms activity, ask yourself the following question: what is it exactly that this event will achieve? You probably already have some metrics in mind that you will sell to your client/boss, but really challenge yourself: short of a direct, visible effect on sales of the brand, what exactly will the return on investment be?


Manu elsewhere…

Posted on my employer’s blog: First impressions count: why you must do more to manage your medical communications

Our approach is that you need to be pro-actively communicating with your audience all of the time – not just whenever you have some data to present or an issue to manage. If you or your advocates don’t make the first impression, someone else will do it for you, and you may well not like the long-term outcome…

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Posted on my employer’s blog: Groundhog Day!!

In the 1993 film ‘Groundhog Day‘, a washed-up reporter played by Bill Murray goes to an annual meeting and ends up replaying the same events on that day over and over again for what seems like infinity. For any readers just coming back from, or planning to go to, a major medical congress – does this sound at all familiar…?