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We’re all doomed!!

I came across two articles over the weekend that resonated with me, both putting forward the case that – despite what the mainstream media, public policy ‘experts’ and the political class would have you believe – we are not doomed. Indeed, there is a lot to be positive about.

The first article is a plea from a German physicist in response to the hysterical reporting of the Fukashima incident:

The media suggests a nuclear catastrophe, a mega-meltdown, and that the apocalypse has already begun. It is almost as if the 10,000 deaths in Japan were actually victims of nuclear energy, and not the earthquake or the tsunami. Here again one has to remind us that Fukushima was first hit by an unimaginable 9.0 earthquake and then by a massive 10-meter wave of water just an hour later … Yet, after an entire week, the apocalypse still has not come to pass. Only relatively small amounts of radioactive materials have leaked out and have had only a local impact. If one considers the pure facts exclusively, i.e. only the things we really know, then it exposes the unfounded interpretations of scientific illiterates in the media. One can only arrive to one conclusion: This sorrowful state will remain so.

The second article takes in a wider perspective, and ties into something I hope to write about shortly – namely how the mainstream media continues to pump out scare story after scare story (and how in general we keep on being taken in):

Why do we insist on ruining the life that we have – which for those of us who are children of the 40s and 50s, is probably the best anyone has ever known, by living in fear of the life we might not have come tomorrow morning….? Enjoy today! Go on, fry a salmonella egg with some dioxidic Danish bacon, slip it between two trans fatty acid spread slices of cancer creating white bread, sup a mug of cancer causing hot tea, and reflect on the fact that you are still alive, you can still whinge about how bad life is – or you could reflect on your good fortune to have been of a generation and a country that has enjoyed a more privileged life than 99.9% of the world.


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    2011-03-25 at 16:03

    >sorry, forgot to add this to the comment section on the Capt's Bloghttp://www.freedom-central.net/euandbritain.html

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