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Sort it out, Three


After having waited an eternity for Three to sort out a Froyo (Android v2.2) update for my HTC Desire phone, I finally found out it was available last night and – naively, with retrospect – applied the update straight-away.

All proceeded nicely, and around 20 minutes later my phone restarted and – hooray! – there was Froyo in all of its glory. Okay, nothing much has changed in reality, although the new Portable Wifi Hotspot facility is brilliant!

There was just one, ever-so-small problem. As part of the update, I’d lost all access to the Android Market. A few minutes on Google showed that I was not alone. To cut a long story short, a spent the next 2 hours:

  1. Downloading the MyBackup APK on my laptop and then transferring it to my phone via USB cable (luckily I had installed previously a file manager app allowing me to find and run the installation – not sure how I could have done this otherwise)
  2. Backing up all of my data and applications onto my SD card
  3. Performing a factory hard reset
  4. Restoring all of my backup data (including spending about an hour having to set up my email accounts from scratch, etc)

In short, I’m not impressed by this whole shambles. Quite frankly, in this day and age, I shouldn’t have to have a reasonable grasp of IT and waste hours sorting out an issue that should not have occurred in the first place. My phone is a standard-issue HTC Desire from Three (i.e. not rooted or unlocked); there is absolutely no excuse for the update to have screwed up in this way.

Contrast this to me upgrading my home PC recently to Windows 7. Contrary to my expectations (based on having performed multiple re-installations on my computers over the years, from Win98SE onwards), this was almost completely pain-free, the only manual update I needed to do afterwards was to locate and install a WIn7-compatible driver for my laser printer.

If Microsoft is now superior at updates, then Three really has a problem. Sort it out!!

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